If You Give a Toddler Lunch

March 20, 2017  •  1 Comment

If you give a toddler lunch...


She may fall over laughing when she's through...



So, you'll give her a stuffed cat and try to do the dishes.



When you aren't looking, she'll probably pick her nose...



Then she'll ask to get down and color,



until Daddy says it's time for self-defense lessons.



But she's just going to giggle,



until he gives up and colors too.



That won't last long, because she'll want to feed the chickens.



So, you'll show her what they eat,



and walk home to read a book.



While you're picking up her toys, she'll steal Daddy's flip-flops...



and try them on.



Then suddenly, she'll remember that she doesn't want to wear pants.



You'll chase her into the kitchen,



and remember how much you need some coffee.



As you're grinding the beans,



she'll beg to dance.



You'll set her down and wrestle on her pants.



Then, you'll fall exhausted on the couch, and she'll ask you for a snack.




Auntie Carol(non-registered)
These are very special pictures of a very special toddler and her mom and dad!
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